Lighting up for the environment

How our operations impact on the environment has become the number one issue for management, according to a recent KPMG study of our largest miners.

As mining operations, construction sites and other large operators strive to become carbon neutral, the demand for solar-powered, energy-efficient LED lighting technology has increased significantly.

As well as significantly reducing emissions by changing to solar lighting, there are the additional benefits of eliminating electricity, trenching and cabling costs which can be significant on a remote site. The benefits of low voltage solar systems also makes them safer.

Since Earthtrack has a reputation for solar solutions that are reliable, are easy to set-up on site and require little ongoing maintenance, it’s become a supplier of choice in this market.

In addition to their signature MEGA, MAXI and MINI towers for solar carpark, path/street and flood lighting, they have launched their new ELION Solar Street Light for reliable solar street lighting for civil works, construction, mining and off-grid applications.

These can be installed in-ground or on a concrete block, with a pole-mounted secure control box and high powered lighting powered by long-lasting lithium batteries.
This means your site can operate 24/7, with low maintenance, easy-to-install lighting. Lights will switch on and off automatically and there is no time-consuming diesel refuelling required, no noise and absolutely no fumes or smoke. Efficient lithium battery storage means you will have a few days of lighting even if there are a few days of bad weather or low sunlight.

Earthtrack Group has established itself as one of Australia’s leading suppliers of specialist LED lighting and solar solutions for mine site, industrial, government and commercial applications.

Earthtrack’s signature solar towers are manufactured in Australia, carry the licensed Aussie Made logo and have ISO 9001 quality assurance.