Installation inspiration: local Melbourne installation company doubles growth in 12 months!

Here’s a riddle for you… how does a small business in the construction industry open its doors in the midst of a global pandemic, during a building supply materials shortage, in a state that spent more days in lockdown than any state in the nation (262 days!) and, achieve double-digit growth in 12 months?

Killian Cosgrave did exactly this. Director at Melworx, a small business in Victoria specialised in installing mechanical platforms, roof access and more said,

“Opportunity can come at any time, you just have to have your eyes open and, be ready.”

“I was on a roof installing cladding on a commercial building when I saw a team installing what looked to be a pretty sophisticated looking HVAC deck that was surprisingly installed before I had even finished my cladding work,” Killian continued.

Having grown up in a family of builders and entrepreneurs in Ireland, Killian has a keen sense of structural integrity and ingenuity, so he got to talking with the supervisor looking after the platform install. He learnt there was a growing need for Tradies with transferable building skills (individuals with abilities that allow them to positively switch from one discipline to another), to install these plant platforms on a national scale.

“I saw the benefits straight away! It was a great opportunity and given that I have a carpentry background and having been in the industry for some time, I knew I could assemble a team that could nail this, no problem,” said Killian.

Killian was soon in touch with the company who engineer the condenser decks to suss out how to make the most of what he saw as “an unmissable opportunity.” Con-form Group is considered Australia’s leading engineering company for the manufacture and supply of HVAC&R platforms, platform screens and roof access solutions.

“Once set up as an official installer of Con-form Group, the work was instantaneous. We worked to develop a strong relationship with the Project Managers and soon, Melworx went from a team of two to a team of eight pretty quickly!”

Even through the constant wave of lockdowns in and around Melbourne, Melworx saw growth new business owners dream of. When asked how he navigated his new business through such a tumultuous period Killian said, “Flexibility was really important throughout all of 2021, there were many weeks where we were scheduling installations only two-days in advanced. And while we work with a number of leading Industry Suppliers and Builders, Con-form Group understand the complexities of running a small business. Their team really worked with us to manage projects carefully to ensure compliance with state restrictions and, help maintain steady flow of work keeping the whole team busy.”

Nigel Cro Managing Director at Con-form Group said, “We’re passionate about a few key things at Con-form Group, innovation, engineering and supporting Aussie businesses. Nobody achieves anything alone – which is why we’re putting the call out for tradespeople across the country to work with us as a Preferred Installer.”
Killian has plans for the future of Melworx, “I’d like to dedicate my energy to my Team. I want to get off tools and ensure the health and continual growth of the business. And with the Team at Con-form Group keeping me busy, we even ventured to South Australia recently, it shouldn’t take too much longer for me to do that. At Melworx, we pride ourselves on making it happen.”

“We see our Installers as an extension of our Team at Con-form Group. The quality of work Melworx produces is outstanding and we can’t wait to see what they do next!” Nigel concludes.

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