Be prepared for anything with Milwaukee Heated Jackets

Performing work outdoors is a reality for many trades. During winter, your work gear is just as essential as your tools are to your productivity. It’s not as simple as throwing on any old jacket to keep you warm. You need a jacket to protect your body against the effects of wintry weather that doesn’t restrict your movements; one that can offer the right level of warmth, comfort and durability at any given moment—that can hold up in Australia’s fluctuating climate.

Milwaukee Tool is committed to keeping tradespeople warm and comfortable in any conditions. Over the years, the company has developed a range of Heated Jackets that combine the portable power of their M12™ battery platform with carbon fibre heating technology.

Joel Cuming, Senior Product Manager at Milwaukee Tool, says that the company has balanced the need to keep tradespeople warm in winter but not weigh them down with “bulky layers”.

The M12™ Heated Jackets generate, distribute and maintain heat across core body areas using durable but lightweight carbon fibre heating elements between rugged exterior materials and thermal insulating liners. Custom-developed materials maximise durability and flexibility to protect against abrasion and tearing without limiting your movement.

“By generating and trapping heat in, our M12™ Heated Jackets reduce the need to wear bulky layers,” Cuming says.

When paired with the optimal M12™ REDLITHIUM™-ION battery*, Milwaukee Heated Jackets can deliver up to 8 hours of runtime for all-day warmth.

The M12™ system offers more than 90 solutions and system-wide battery compatibility, so you can get the most efficient use out of your M12™ batteries by being able to use them with any M12™ power tools. All M12™ Heated Jackets come with an M12™ Compact Charger and Power Source (M12TC-0), but batteries are sold separately.

The M12™ Heated Jackets allow you to calibrate your jacket’s temperature to match your needs throughout the day. Adjustable heat technology allows you to adapt to changing conditions by increasing or decreasing the heat level with the touch of a button. A single touch LED controller offers three heat settings per heat zone, so you can customise the amount of warmth you need at any moment. All M12™ Heated Jackets are also wind and water-resistant.

“We’ve continued to innovate in the Heated Gear space, and each season have been improving the design and functionality of the gear to allow the body to move freely while giving you enough warmth on even the coldest days,” he says.

The latest additions to the Milwaukee Heated Gear range are the next generation M12™ Heated TOUGHSHELL™ Jackets. The new TOUGHSHELL™ stretch polyester has been reengineered to stretch and move as you work while retaining the strength of previous TOUGHSHELL™ jackets. The jackets feature FREEFLEX mobility gussets for enhanced movement with dropped shoulder seams and underarm gussets for improved flexibility.

These TOUGHSHELL™ Jackets also feature a new battery pass-through that allows battery placement in the front or back pocket. The pass-through provides improved comfort by allowing users to relocate the battery to a more comfortable location based on the situation. TOUGHSHELL™ Jackets have three heat zones—the chest, back and pocket areas.

The M12™ Heated Gear range also includes the popular M12™ AXIS™ Heated Jackets. The Jackets have three heat zones on the chest, back and shoulders. M12 AXIS™ Ripstop Polyester provides a lightweight, compressible design that makes it versatile enough to be worn as either an outer shell or mid-layer jacket. Reinforced high-wear zones protect the jacket from abrasion and tears.

Cuming believes that what makes the M12™ Heated Jackets a great solution for tradespeople is that it’s built with the durable, reliable, Nothing but HEAVY DUTY™ quality that you get from Milwaukee power tools.

“You don’t expect your tools to break down. Neither should your gear,” he says.

Milwaukee Heated Jackets are the go-to work apparel for professionals across all trades, with the versatility to keep you warm in extreme chill outdoors and cold indoor conditions. It’s not just limited to job sites as it’s the gear you can turn to for any winter activities, whether it’s a weekend camping or fishing adventure or simply running an errand on a winter morning. Milwaukee Heated Gear keeps you warm in any scenario.

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