Who has the best mullet in sport

With Australian golfer Cameron Smith winning the Players Championship this April, the mullet has officially made it on the global sporting  stage.

With a mullet Happy Gilmore would be proud of, Smith pocketed $3,500,00 USD for what is considered the 5th Major PGA golf title. Smith’s win and glorious mullet had us thinking, who has the best mullet in Australian sport?

To find out, we checked in with the guys at BlokeVote who surveyed over one thousand people, with each voter asked to name their favourite  mullet in Aussie sport.

The contenders for best mullet were whittled down to five, Mikey Wright, Cam Smith, Josh Papali’i, Ryan Papenhuyzen and Bailey Smith.

Standing on the top step of the podium was Bailey Smith. The Western Bulldogs Midfielder, also known as “Bazlenka” was voted the number  one mullet in Australian sport.

There’s no doubt Bailey Smith is one of AFL’s rising stars. He might have abs cut from granite, but it’s his mullet that really has blokes  swooning over Bailey Smith.

With a rich history of short shorts, short sideburns and long flowing mullets it’s no surprise that an AFL player takes the top step for  Australia’s favourite mullet.

Coming in second place was Melbourne Storm speedster Ryan Papenhuyzen. Papi as he’s affectionately known has had a meteoric rise from  reserve grade to Clive Churchill Medal and Grand Final winner in 2020.

Coming in third was a bloke who plays a sport that you wouldn’t normally associate with mullets. Golfer Cameron Smith who this April won  The Players Championship and earlier in the year won the Sentry Tournament of Champions.

The Queenslander has enjoyed a strong run of form of late, all while rocking a mullet Happy Gilmore would be proud of. Not since John  Dailey has a mullet been so effectively flaunted on the golf course.

Canberra Raiders and Queensland Prop Josh Papli’i, and former World Tour Surfer Mikey Wright rounded out fourth and fifth place  respectively.

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