Kreg Tools


Tackle any project with ease using our entirely reimagined series of pocket-hole jigs. Bringing speed and efficiency to your projects, it’s faster  than ever before to create strong long-lasting joints with the latest generation of Kreg tools.

No matter which Kreg tool you choose, you always get simple accurate and efficient solutions for high-quality wood projects.

Kreg offer  solutions to your marking/measuring, cutting, joining, clamping, routing and workspace requirements. We stand by the quality of our  products so much so that we provide a lifetime drill-guide warranty to all of our hardened steel drill guides and it doesn’t stop there; all of  our Kreg tools are packed full of features and benefits to make your woodworking projects enjoyable.

Our clamps come with padded ergonomic handles and Automaxx® auto-adjust technology, all you need to do is squeeze the clamp handles.  Gone are the days of adjusting locking clamps for different thickness materials, Kreg clamps will automatically close with the amount of  pressure you have set, regardless of the material.

This adjustment can have the pressure required adjusted as well, to give that extra tight grip on something, or that gentler grip on more  delicate materials. The Kreg Automaxx® clamp makes clamping easy and fool proof, giving the versatility you need with the simplicity you  want.

Our power tool accessories provide you with the accuracy in working with wood required for beautiful and long lasting results. Compact tool  designs to suit quick set ups and easy storage allow you to make faultless crosscuts and angle cuts on the go.

Our Pocket-Hole Jig range will expand your joinery toolbox with portable or benchtop options. They all include an easy-set drill bit, stop  collar and material thickness gauge that makes woodworking simple.

Our Kreg community is continually growing, from professional cabinet makers and small businesses to DIYer’s, Tradies and people who  simply want to create confidently with their hands. Kreg is here to support you and your woodworking projects from start to finish and  thereafter with project plans, tips and tricks.

We invite you into the world of Kreg, come and visit us at or at your local Kreg Distributor.