Pump your tyres with the Lock-On Air Chuck

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If there’s one thing that drives tradies nuts when on the road, it’s a low tyre.

Whether you’re driving all day going from site-to-site, or going off-road for a bit of 4x4ing, checking your tyres conveniently has been but a pipedream. Not with Alemlube and its latest Lock-On Air Chuck.

Lock and load

The core of the Alemlube Lock-On Air Chuck’s design lies in its Trigger Activated Lock-On Mechanism, a patented innovation that lets you secure the air chuck onto the tyre valve or release it with a mere squeeze of the trigger. The days of struggling with unwieldy attachments or wrestling with troublesome valves are a thing of the past; this air chuck offers a straightforward clip-on/clip-off action that’s brimming with convenience. Once the Lock-On Air Chuck is locked onto the valve, you no longer need to hold it in place during inflation and/or deflation. This means tradies are free to go about other tasks. Be it a car tyre, a bicycle tyre, or any inflatable, this air chuck streamlines the process, introducing a new level of ease.

On the trigger

The Lock-On Air Chuck also boasts a leak-free sprung-loaded seal. This sturdy TPU seal guarantees a secure and airtight connection, preventing bothersome air leaks during inflation. Regardless of whether you’re inflating tyres for daily work or preparing for an off-road adventure, the Lock-On Air Chuck won’t waste a single breath of air.

What sets this tool apart even further is its design. The Alemlube Lock-On Air Chuck is constructed tough for tradies, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of frequent use. Its rugged design is also corrosion-resistant, which extends the air chuck’s lifespan and performance, even in challenging conditions. This is a tool that’s built to last, providing consistent reliability. It also sports a Hardened Steel Collet, tailored to fit standard Schrader valves with VG8/8Vl valve threads.

Ready to roll

The Lock-On Air Chuck’s sliding sleeve securely locks the air chuck onto the Schrader valve. Once you attach it, it stays in place, providing peace of mind during inflation and/or deflation.  No more worries about accidental disconnections or leaks—this air chuck means business. Portable air hoses have always been hit or miss, but not with Alemlube’s latest attachment. The Lock-On Air Chuck gives tradies peace of mind whether on-site, in the bush or on the beach that their tyres are looked after.

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