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Tradies! Keep an eye on your kids on-site

Child safety work

Safe Work NSW has issued a reminder to be careful with kids on worksites.

This came after a 13-year-old was injured after falling from scaffolding while visiting a worksite with his parents.

“For a child, workplaces are exciting places, but they can also be extremely dangerous,” SafeWork NSW Head Trent Curtin said.
“We are reminding businesses and parents they have obligations to supervise children especially around machinery, hazardous chemicals and other risks on site which may not be obvious.”

This is an especially timely warning given schools holidays resulting in more parents needing to takes kids to work with them.
SafeWork NSW can issue fines or notices to sites if an untrained, unlicensed or incompetent person is found on-site.
Children aged 14 and over can apply for a white card which – along with parental supervision – allows them to be on a worksite.

“There needs to be protections in place to look after not just kids on school holidays, but all visitors to the workplace, each and every day of the year,” Trent said.
“Simple safety prevention, like locking away chemicals and tools, putting in place falls protection, or removing the keys from machinery and vehicles when they are not in use are just a few ways to create a safer place for everyone.”

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