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Cement Australia – Made Right Here

Cement Australia products

Cement Australia’s team has been digging, milling, and crafting cement products right here in our backyard, and it’s more than just a job for them – it’s a tradition.

Since way back in 1890, Cement Australia has been the go-to for Aussies wanting to build something strong.

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What sets Cement Australia apart is their dedication to keeping it local. That means the cement they cook up is ready to face the Aussie weather and meet all  standards – no compromises.


True-blue reliability

Choosing Cement Australia isn’t just getting cement; it’s getting a slice of history and a promise of quality. Its cement play by the Aussie Standards rulebook (AS3972), and they go the extra distance with tests at Cement Australia’s NATA-accredited lab. So, when you grab a bag, you know it’s not just strong; it’s Aussie-strong.

And check this out – Cement Australia’s cement was in the mix for big deals like the Brisbane Airport Runway and the Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway Upgrade. From massive projects to your own backyard creations, Cement Australia is there, making sure things hold up.

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Pouring back

But here’s the cool part: supporting Cement Australia is supporting your local crew and keeping the jobs close to home.

They’re not just about making good cement; they’re about making a difference in the communities they’re part of. This can be seen in Railton, North-West Tasmania, where Cement Australia marked the 100-year anniversary of its local plant.

With their eagle-eyed manufacturing process, you can trust that what’s in the bag is top-notch and reliable.

Cement Australia isn’t just a brand; it’s part of our Aussie building story. So, if you’re laying down the groundwork for something awesome, do it with Cement Australia – where quality meets history, and every bag has a bit of that Aussie charm.

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