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Safety eyewear from Eyres

safety eyewear

SAFETY EYEWEAR has become an important and integral part of life, especially for tradies. It’s no shock that more than 60 per cent of eye injuries could have been avoided with proper eye protection.

No matter whether you’re at work, home or play, the high number of risks causing eye injury reinforces the need to wear quality safety eyewear.

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Not too long ago, eye protection was ugly and uncomfortable… and don’t even think about prescription glasses… those clumsy over specs that didn’t fit and got in the way of your vision. Not to worry tradies, Eyres is bringing the goods.

Protected peepers

Eyres sports great looking eyewear that performs at the highest optical safety standards. Providing customers with safety eyewear they can rely on is at the heart of what Eyres does. Its manufacturing process uses only the best materials and testing to ensure each product meets its customers’ expectations.

Once a product has been developed, Eyres ensures it can stand up to impact to keep wearers safe. Purpose-built labs put all Eyres safety eyewear through rigorous testing, including high velocity impact testing which shoots ball bearings at the eyewear at up to 190m/s or 684 km/hr; ensuring all possible impacts are accounted for.

Keep ‘em peeled

Eyres prides itself in not only designing and creating prescription and non-prescription lenses, but also manufacture the most efficient and effective safety eyewear in the business. That’s why Eyres has been a brand synonymous with safety for more than 25 years.

From humble beginnings in Perth to becoming one of the most trusted names in Australian eye protection, one thing has stayed the same – Eyres’ commitment to providing the highest possible protection for its customers.

With more than 20 designs to choose from and a range in almost every trusted safety outlet Australia wide, Eyres eyewear is the perfect solution for both prescription and non-prescription, providing style and safety protection, while still meeting the highest safety standards.

Eyeball the full range online here, or ask about Eyres at your local safety supplier.

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